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Rooflight Replacement

We measure how long projects take in minutes rather than hours. We are the lowest cost installer working to HSE Regulations in the UK due to the volume of specialised works we carry out.

All rooflights are supplied to class AB, BS 476 parts and 3 and 7 fire rating.

In return you will have beautiful daylight flooding work areas to a planned level over 300 lumens and up to 1100 lumens. Most sites with aged rooflights only have 10% of the available natural light.

We optimise light levels by recommending tinted rooflights to minimise glare and soften lighting for the work area as effectively as possible. Solar gain and loss are calculated carefully and our history of installations allows us a considerable advantage and supporting you in the choice of lighting.

In hours or days your working areas can be completely transformed - with no ladders, nets or scaffolding required.

Using portable mansafe systems we safely replace rooflights while maintaining operations within the factory and warehouse environment below. Areas are cordoned off for short periods only by arrangement with the client. We have installed thousands of metres of sheet successfully in this way.

Gutter cleaning & repairs

We routinely carry out all types of industrial roof maintenance including:-

Roof inspections (free of charge if you have access)

Gutter cleans
Gutter lining to BBA Approved installation standards
Cladding repairs to delivery bays, doorways, flashings and trims.
Roof leak detection
Flat roof repairs
Asbestos roof repairs
Heating and ventilation sealing and flashing
Duct work repairs

Rooflight Cleaning

Rooflight cleaning is always recommended at regular intervals to prolong the life of a rooflight.

We have specialist crews who can clean and inspect rooflights. Staff are Water Jetting Association trained and carry IPAF and ROSPA Human Focus qualifications. All asbestos qualified staff are trained to UKATA levels and are able to identify and survey sites accurately for the additional risk of Galbestos sheeting.

Rooflight cleaning is graded for condition levels and recommendations are made for the most suitable method on a site basis. Surveys are carried out free of charge where roof access is available.


Rooflights are sometimes vastly over used with over 40% of installed sheeting. This massively increases solar gain in the property. The roof safety aspects spiral out of proportion with any benefit gained. As these large sections of rooflight fail the cost of maintenance rockets out of control.

We routinely reduce the level of rooflights and overcladding buildings often includes optimisation of the rooflight levels.

We can manage this for you and provide tint options and optimisation of rooflighting to suit your workstations.

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